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Ref. Name Product Image Type Files
CS10-CP01 Control Panel with TCP/IP CS10-CP01
CS10-CP02 Control Panel with TCP/IP (Rack version) CS10-CP02
CS10-RP01 Repeater Panel CS10-RP01
CS10-HC01 HUB Concentrator CS10-HC01
CS10-RD01 Room Device with system indication and call status CS10-RD01
CS10-CM01 Nurse Call Button CS10-CM01
CS10-CM02 Nurse Presence Button CS10-CM02
CS10-CM03 Doctor Call Button CS10-CM03
CS10-CM04 Doctor Presence Button CS10-CM04
CS10-CM05 Doctor Call Button with key CS10-CM05
CS10-CM06 Call Button CS10-CM06
CS10-CM07 Call Presence Button CS10-CM07
CS10-CM08 Nurse Call and Assistance Call Buttons CS10-CM08
CS10-CM09 Nurse Call and Presence Buttons CS10-CM09
CS10-CM10 Assistance Call and Presence Buttons CS10-CM10
CS10-CM11 Doctor Call and Presence Buttons CS10-CM11
CS10-CM12 Nurse and Doctor Presence Buttons CS10-CM12
CS10-CM13 Nurse Call Button with Jack Interface CS10-CM13
CS10-CM14 Call Button with Jack Interface CS10-CM14
CS10-CM15 Jack interface (Type 1) CS10-CM15
CS10-CM16 Pear Type Single Call Button (Interface Type 1) CS10-CM16
CS10-CM17 Pear Type Double Call Button (Interface Type 1) CS10-CM17
CS10-RM01 Reset Button CS10-RM01
CS10-RM02 Reset Button with key CS10-RM02
CS10-LS01 Overdoor Lighting and Sound module CS10-LS01