WC Pull Cord Interface Module

WC Pull Cord Interface Module


The CS10-PM02W device is a WC pull-cord interface module to be used with the pull-cord slave module CS10-PM03W. This device is intended to be used in environments where the pull-cord call device is required to have a higher IP protection class. In this case the CS10-PM02W device monitors the slave type pull-cord device with higher IP protection class CS10-PM03W. Calls triggered by this pull-cord interface module are considered WC help request calls. When this interface is activated, the LED indicator is switched on with a red colour to inform the patient that the call has been recognized by the system. If this interface is activated when there is a nurse in the room, who has pressed the nurse presence button, the respective call will be interpreted by the system as an emergency call.

The CS10-PM02W is a standard 45x45 modular device with moisture PCB protection.

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