Supervision Software

Supervision Software


The CS10-MS01 is a supervision software that allows healthcare professionals and/or institution management to have access to a lot of information of the CS10 nurse call system including the access to the historical record of all system events for further processing. The software allows the visualization in real time of all calls and respective responses from the healthcare staff, showing the instants of occurrence. Calls are displayed in different colors for easier interpretation by the user.

The management software also features a set of statistical analysis of call answering to allow management teams to have a real idea of the response time of nursing services and, if applicable, take measures to improve this service performance.

The software runs on a computer with not very demanding processing capabilities with the Microsoft Windows operating system and with a connection the local ethernet.

Despite the great benefits of using the management software CS10-MS01, the CS10 nurse call system works at its maximum capabilities without the need for any additional software, in accordance with the VDE0834 standard. The nurse call system has to work as a whole in a stand-alone mode, not dependent on any extra management software or third-party system.

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