WC Pull Cord Module

WC Pull Cord Module


The CS10-PM01 device is a WC pull-cord call module that can be placed inside the sanitary facilities to be used by the patient in case of need of help or, if a health professional is present, to be used to make an emergency call. Calls executed by this button are considered WC help request calls. When this pull-cord call module is triggered, the LED indicator is switched on with a red colour to inform the patient that the call has been recognized by the system. If the cord is pulled when there is a nurse in the room, who has pressed the nurse presence button, the call made using the WC pull-cord module will be interpreted by the system as an emergency call. This device has IP44 and can be placed inside the sanitary facilities near to bathing areas not under jets of water. The CS10-PM01 is protected against water splashed from all directions allowing limited water ingress without losing operability.

This device has two versions, the CS10-PM01 and the CS10‑PM01W. The CS10-PM01 device is a basic version to be used in normal environments while the CS10‑PM01W device is WC pull-cord module version with moisture PCB protection for areas with higher relative humidity such as sanitary installations with bathing areas.

The CS10-PM01 is a wall mounted device with dimensions 80x80mm with opal LED diffusers.

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