WC Optical Signaling Slave Module

WC Optical Signaling Slave Module


The CS10-LS02 device is an optical signaling beacon that can be installed on the door of the sanitary installation that is part of the room under surveillance. According to the VDE0834 standard this device is not necessary, however, for better understanding of the location of the call trigger, the use of a WC beacon is recommended. When a WC call is triggered this slave beacon will produce a static red light and will be muted.

This device should not be used when the purpose is to monitor a sanitary facility that is not part of a room. If this is the case, the lighting beacon to be used must be the CS10-LS01 device.

The CS10-LS03 has a triangular prism shape with dimensions 80x82x50mm with an opal diffuser.

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