Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System


CS10 - Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems represent a major responsibility in the research and development of the ARS Electronics engineering department. Realizing the importance of nurse call systems, ARS Electronics has developed the innovative CS10 Nurse Call System that meets current healthcare system requirements while complying with leading international standards.
ARS Electronics has developed a highly reliable nurse call system that, in addition to the basic functions required in nurse call systems, also offers a set of other additional built-in features that are integrated into the CS10 nurse call system as extra features. The possibility of monitoring the entire system through a supervision software, developed by ARS Electronics, is one of these important features.

Following, there are some of the most relevant features of the CS10 Nurse Call System:
• Completely integrated into the standard 45x45 electrical apparatus;
• Communication robustness;
• Very user friendly with nice architecture;
• Easy to set up and to configure;
• Programmable with multiple zones;
• Remote access via Ethernet;
• Supervision software with statistical analysis and event log.

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